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Develop an app for reading e-books and learning languages simultaneously.
June 19, 2018

LinguaRead is a mobile application for Android that allows people learning a new language to do it easier and faster using various techniques and built-in tools. Using a smartphone or tablet, the reader will speed up the process of learning and memorizing new words.

Two smartphones showcasing the app
A list of books

This app allows you to get the instant translation, use the technique of flashcards to memorize and repeat new words, add words to personal vocabulary, track statistics and much more. An important difference from similar applications for reading e-books is the clean, simple and user-friendly interface, the ease of learning new words.


There is a simple, yet useful dictionary in the application. You can search for words in any language and get their translation. The dictionary will also tell you which synonyms can be used to replace the entered word, which antonyms exist, and so on. You can add any word to your vocabulary by clicking on the start.

Dictionary section screen


In order not to lose an unknown word and not to forget its meaning, you can add it to your vocabulary. By clicking on a word once, you can copy it, its translation or its language. Double-clicking will move you to the dictionary, where you can get more information about the selected word. To remove a word from the vocabulary, simply swipe to the left.

Some words in the vocabulary
Vocabulary item's background
Swipable vocabulary item
Some more words in the vocabulary


With LinguaRead you can view both general statistics for all books (average WPM, number of books, favorite books, number of words in the dictionary, the diagram of languages present in the library), and for a specific book (readability scores, overall complexity level, reading progress by day).

Statistics section screen


The key feature of LinguaRead is various auto-generated flashcards. There are groups of flashcards in the revise section that are sorted by ascending difficulty from top to bottom. By clicking on a flashcard group, you will be asked to choose the book to pick words from. After the session ends, you will see the final score.

There are four types of flashcards at the moment:

  1. Yes/No
    Set whether the translation shown matches the specified word. If yes—swipe to the right, if not—to the left.
  2. Multiple choice
    Choose which of the four translations is correct. If you’re wrong, the answer will be highlighted in red. The app will wait until you guess, however, the score point will not be counted.
  3. Puzzles
    Guess the word shown in the picture. By clicking on the help button, you can open one letter in a hidden word. Pictures can directly represent the word itself or a word that is consonant with it.
  4. Context
    The most difficult group of cards by now. Enter the translation of the word hidden from the context.
Variety of flashcards available in LinguaRead

For the more detailed information about this project check the documentation link at the beginning.